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The term managerial assessment of proficiency (MAP) describes a methodology for the assessment of managerial competence in human resource and training applications. MAP is designed for evaluation of a manager's proficiency in 12 prescribed competencies, and other criteria. Assessments can be generated for an employee, as well as for a department or the organisation as a whole. Normative values, used for comparative purposes in each assessment, are based upon the performance of over 110,000 managers, across 17 countries, in more than 600 organisations that have used MAP. The Managerial Assessment of Proficiency - (MAP2), copyright 2012, 2014, HRD Press, Inc. is an assessment tool published by HRD Press, Inc. Amherst, MA USA, and is available here in Nigeria through a strategic partnership with Phillips Consulting Limited.

The 12 competencies are fundamental in determining the proficiency of an effective manager. Implicit in the approach for developing managerial excellence is the definition of the competencies: a "group of related skills, knowledge, and attitudes that correlate with success in one’s job and can be improved through training.

The MAP assessment program is normally delivered in two days. Day 1 concentrates on assessing managers and scoring their responses to produce individual and group profiles. The morning of Day 2 focuses on interpreting the profile – how the profile relates to the manager’s actions and behavior back in the workplace. The afternoon is dedicated to analyzing the feedback and individual development planning. Each manager receives a personal profile plus a full personal report, a group profile may also be produced to organizational requirements. Managers can be re-assessed at a later date to show progress, thus measuring the return on investment for everyone who has attended the program.

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