Evidence Based Global HR Certifications

pcl. partners with Human capital growth (HCG) to offer Specialised HR certifications which helps firms gain better outcomes using science, analytics and empathy. This project-based certification helps HR professionals with the tools, resources and expertise for greater results.
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Comprehensive Certification For HR professionals

Understand the strategies for leading HR transformations and delivering business impact using Integrated Talent Management Systems.

  • Certified Talent Management Practitioner (CTMP)
  • Certified Management Practitioner (CTMS)

Specialisations For Talent Management Systems

Learn to optimise touch points with employees and address business needs by managing critical aspects of the employee lifecycle.

  • Certified in Workforce Staffing (CWS)
  • Certified in Management (CWD)
  • Certified in Workforce Management (CWM)
  • Certified in Organisational Effectiveness Practices (COE)

Focused and Specific Talent Management Practices

Get equipped to manage and lead a strategic HR practice.

  • Certified in Talent acquisition (CTA)
  • Certified in Leadership Development (CLD)
  • Certified in Workforce analytics (CWA)
  • Certified in Workforce Planning (CWP)
  • Certified in Change Management (CCM)
  • Certified in Employee Engagement (CEE)

Talent Management

An effective business hinges on a well-engaged workforce committed to achieving corporate goals. A winning talent strategy is imperative to both foster involved, motivated employees and position organisations to achieve their potential thereby gaining competitive advantage.

Performance management

Our work here is to enhance the links between employee objectives and organisational expectations. Relying on our vast local and international industry knowledge, our consultants p... read more

Talent Engagement

We partner with our clients to realize key business goals by ensuring that employees are fully engaged and connect with the organisation’s values, objectives and principles. We e... read more

L&D Strategy

To entrench a thriving learning culture that drives innovation and optimum performance, we support our clients to identify their competency gaps, design customised systems to bridg... read more

Leadership Development

To navigate today's dynamic business environment and prepare for the future, leaders require cutting-edge competencies in diverse areas. We help to develop bespoke leadership progr... read more

Career Management

Our career management framework helps to create a detailed picture of career advancement, facilitating compelling career paths for employees, fostering talent development, enhancin... read more

Succession Planning

We position our clients to handle current and future business needs geared towards continuity and sustainability. We deploy a methodical approach to identify and develop high-perfo... read more

Competency Management

At Phillips Consulting, we bring out the best in people, helping to define and articulate skills, knowledge and abilities required to guarantee excellent performance in every job r... read more

HR Function Management

HR is becoming increasingly complex. If you feel weighed down with the responsibility of ensuring compliance, managing employees, hiring and handling payroll, you may need help. At... read more

Talent Acquisition

Highly skilled individuals are vital to organisational success. At Phillips Consulting, people are a priority. We are passionate about helping you to source, identify, attract, assess, recruit and retain the very best talent, empowering them to perform at the highest level.

Recruitment & Selection

Our undeniable market leadership in recruitment and selection allows us to combine internationally-acclaimed selection tools with our stringent methodologies. From headhunting exec... read more

Behavioural Assessments

Through our partnership with globally acclaimed assessments provider Thomas International, we have access to a wide range of world-class behaviour profiling tools that provide vita... read more

Technical Assessments

At Phillips Consulting, we pride ourselves on the unsurpassed quality of the services we offer all of our clients. We conduct technical assessments to identify suitable candidates ... read more

Team Building

We provide a variety of retreat methods tailored to the needs of our clients. Typical team building retreats range from a one-day, in-house programme, to a three-day adventure-pack... read more

Board Selection

Sound corporate governance is critical to the long-term viability of every successful organisation. Our extensive knowledge of the corporate landscape ensures that we can source an... read more

Compensation & Benefits

To help you attract the very best talent whilst retaining market competitiveness and advantage, we utilise our extensive network of trusted contacts in conducting industry and comp... read more

HR Transformation & Technology

Revolutionising the HR function so it’s efficient and prepared for the future is at the heart of our people transformation agenda. By leveraging analytics, technology, best-fit operating models and change management, Phillips Consulting position HR as strategic business enabler.

HR Diagnostics

We conduct health checks and maturity assessments of HR practices and initiatives to establish current and potential business realities and gaps. Our tested and proven approach can... read more

HR Technology & Solutions

At Phillips Consulting, our Human Resource Information Services (HRIS) are amongst the best available. As part of the exceptional support we provide for our clients, we utilise tec... read more

HR Transformation

Our combination of tools, HR expertise, indigenous knowledge, skills, people and technology allows us to critically examine your HR strategy, function and processes, ensuring value... read more

Change Management & Communication

The change management and communication programme we provide brings effective, practical solutions to complex business and people challenges, helping companies to grow stronger by ... read more

Organisation Design & Strategy

We partner with our clients to define best-fit organisational structures drawing from their corporate strategy. We carry out job analysis and provide support in the development of job profiles and evaluation of such jobs.

HR Strategy & Development

We work hand-in-glove with clients to customize clear roadmaps for the planning and execution of major organisational initiatives involving people. Our remit is to deliver clear an... read more

Job Analysis & Profiling

We work with clients to develop a working definition of each job in the organisation, clearly defining job expectations, required competencies and performance indicators that align... read more

Workforce Planning

Drawing from our long-standing and extensive background in strategy, organisational design, and job analysis, we use our wealth of knowledge to support organisations to achieve and... read more

HR Policy & Process

We assist with developing, drafting, reviewing, and updating HR policies and procedures to ensure compliance, stakeholder engagement, consistent and fair decisions, best practice a... read more

Culture Management

To help organisations effectively adjust to the constantly evolving global landscape, we deploy a change management methodology that helps to systematically modify the culture of o... read more

Job Evaluation

Our job evaluation services answer some of the job worth questions most commonly asked by HR functionaries. Our solutions determine the overall contribution of jobs to organization... read more