Strategy & Operational Transformation

Sustaining operations and reducing costs has never been easy, and the effect of COVID-19 has ushered in new challenges for businesses in this area. At pcl., we work with our clients to increase business value through operating cost reduction and improving business performance.

Cost Optimisation with Operational Transformational Excellence (OTE)

Without a doubt, organisations are going to experience financial losses during this pandemic. Our Operational, Transformation and Excellence (OTE) Service is designed to support th... read more

Phillips Accelerated Solutions Experience (PASETM )

In a post-COVID-19 world, organisations must reconceptualise their 2020 strategies to reboot and recover from the pandemic. The rate of change inside and outside organisations is a... read more

The World of Work- The People Dimensions

COVID-19 has created a huge disruption in business operations, causing a big reset in organisation performance and structures. Businesses are seeking to improve their processes and require advisory and people guidance. At pcl. we can support organisations in increasing their business’s resilience in the age of coronavirus.

COVID-19: Guidance on Redefinition of Work Practices

The uncertainties arising from the COVID-19 pandemic could benefit organisations if they implement smart work ethics and practices by gauging their digital readiness and implementa... read more

The Imperativeness of People Data for intelligent Decision-making (HR Analytics)

The level and interpretation of data that organisations have on their most valued resource i.e. people will inform intelligent decision making and have a tremendous influence on op... read more

Developing and Managing Flexible and Dynamic People Policies

The COVID-19 outbreak has a growing impact on the global economy, and firms that have static people management policies, and practices may be affected significantly. Staff perf... read more

Managing Real Time Change Communications

The business landscape is constantly transforming, i.e. disruption in services, products, markets and people is unending. As a result, organisations need to design and develop in r... read more

Digital Learning in the World of COVID-19 & Beyond

The wake of this pandemic has placed a constraint on the options available for employee development. Employees are a firm’s greatest assets; the more you invest in them, the greater your returns. Just as times have changed, we are also evolving our offerings to deliver alternative digital learning interventions that are engaging and enjoyable. We assist everyone, from entry level to the C-suite, in the pursuit of building core skills across various professional landscapes.

Skillsoft Leadership Development Program

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many businesses. Business executives must be equipped to lead in disruptive times like these and steer the company towards the reboot and recove... read more

Digital Skills Training

In these times of remote working and virtual learning, digital literacy is a requirement for employees to perform optimally. We offer thousands of curated videos, courses, and book... read more

Bespoke Content Digitization

Through bespoke content digitization, pcl. delivers a reflection of thoroughly defined processes and exclusive designs, which deliver high levels of interactivity, simulations, sce... read more

Technology and Developer

Our Tech and Dev solution provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel at current and future project deliverables. To maximize the time you dedicate to learning, we p... read more

Learning During Disruptive Times

Developing ourselves has taken a new meaning, considering the levels of disruption we are currently experiencing. Learning must not stop; instead, we must adapt. pcl. is equipped to provide you with world-class education while you’re home and ensure you’re mentally prepared to return to the office when the time comes.

Virtual Training Options

Our virtual training service takes all our classroom offerings and delivers them virtually. Since classroom trainings are on hold for now, our facilitators will deploy trainings vi... read more

Staying Fit & Returning to Work

Our Staying Fit & Returning To Work learning intervention will shift the mode of thinking from challenge mode to opportunity mode by taking you through the emotional and psychologi... read more

Digital Technology for Business Resilience

Mitigating the risk to businesses and employees posed by COVID-19 requires a digital transformation strategy. At pcl. we believe that digital technology is the key to creating a seamless work process in this era. Our team of experts can assist you on this journey by rendering a robust digital scheme to continue to support your business.

Developing the Virtual Workforce

The need for the virtual workforce e.g. Robotics Process Automation (RPA) to automate critical business processes has become more evident in these difficult times. Some organisatio... read more

Enterprise Architecture Consulting

A lot of organisations are re-inventing and re-organising their business model for survival and sustainability. These changes have implications on the legacy technologies, standard... read more

Virtual Cyber-security Support

As organisations are switching to remote working to help limit the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak, these remote setups invite new hacking and social engineering risks.
read more

Business Resilience Optimisation

The aim of this is to ensure prevention of disruptions, and timely and effective resolution of interruptions to minimise the impact on business operations. pcl. provides this servi... read more

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Intervention

This involves assessing and updating your company’s enterprise-wide risk management practice. Where ERM does not exist, we will work with you collaboratively to create a robust f... read more

Digital Transformation Strategy & Implementation

We diagnose and create systems and implementation road-maps to address digital gaps existing in your current organisational structure, processes and technology. This covers analysi... read more

Our Psychometric Assessments

In this time of uncertainty, our partnership with Thomas International can help your organisation maximise the effectiveness of their workforce. Thomas tools give leaders insight into their staff – what motivates them, their core strengths and limitations, and their potential. Helping organisations recruit smarter, develop quality leaders, improve team performance, and get the best from all staff.


In just 8 minutes, Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) provides an accurate insight into how people behave at work, answering questions such as:

• What are their stren... read more


Thomas Job is a behavioural benchmarking tool which enables you to set a template of the ideal behaviours required for your roles. It enables you to identify the behavioural requir... read more


Emotional intelligence gives people the edge to perform in today’s complex business environment. The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue, pronounced TQ) tells you ... read more


The High Potential Trait Indicator for Leadership Potential explores an individual’s personality traits and provides an insight into how suited they may be to a senior executive ... read more


The General Intelligence Assessment measures a person’s ‘mental horsepower’ and answers questions such as:

• Can they think on their feet?
• Could t... read more

360 Bespoke

Thomas 360 Bespoke creates an environment for constructive and honest feedback, enabling your people to understand their personal impact, identify development areas and improve the... read more


Engage provides a structured approach for measuring workplace engagement. This ‘health check’ can help your organisation to address several performance challenges, including:read more


Teams helps you ensure your teams are performing, motivated and loyal, by answering questions such as:

• Where are the team power struggles?
• What leader... read more


Skills Online offers a range of tests and training modules designed to measure skill level, helping you to recruit people who will excel in the job and making sure you optimise and... read more