Lockdown Diary

We engaged our employees to find out how their lives have been affected by this lockdown. Some of their responses have been insightful and interesting. We have decided to create a diary that shares the experiences of our people. Enjoy!

Week 1

Day 1

Dear diary, I’m so excited to be working from home. Imagine a life where you don’t have to wake up by 5am, spend 3 hours commuting and struggling with danfo drivers, or plan yo... read more

Day 2

I keep hearing about how I should have my enough money to cover my expenses for 6 months saved in an emergency fund, and I do. I wonder if my firm also has an emergency fund. Busin... read more

Day 3

Dear diary, which has lasted longer – this lockdown or Grey’s Anatomy? I’m tired of being indoors. I miss being invited to outings that I ended up not attending because my im... read more

Day 4

My clothes must think I’m dead now. I switch between loungewear, sleepwear, and sportwear. Today I joined my friends to make a video for the #DontRushChallenge. At least I had a ... read more

Day 5

Dear diary, Ayobami said her office put half of them on compulsory leave. I didn’t ask if it was paid or unpaid. I’m getting anxious. What if my company follows suit? Is this l... read more

Day 6

Dear diary, it seems like I may have gained some weight. I know I now eat three meals a day plus the occasional snack here and there, but is that really enough to make me get fat? ... read more

Day 7

Dear diary, Sister Tolu is broke this month. She’s a tailor and her clients have cancelled orders because of the lockdown. Davies is a photographer and he has the same issue. The... read more

Week 2

Day 8

Dear diary, today was hectic. I had so many deliverables and spent about 4 hours in meetings. The last call ended by 7:42pm. It seems like I am working longer hours now than I was ... read more

Day 9

Dear diary, today I chilled. I completed all my tasks, of course. That is non-negotiable. But once it was 6pm, I closed for the day. I turned off my computer, got something to eat,... read more

Day 10

Dear diary, this situation is taking a toll on me emotionally. All 4 members of my family are currently in different cities. I check NCDC’s report at 10pm and then check CNN. I... read more

Day 11

Dear diary, my family members eat too much. Today rice has finished, tomorrow milk has finished. We are spending so much on food. Anyway, I’ve given everyone their allocation of ... read more

Day 12

Dear diary, I wonder what my MD is thinking right now. One day you’re minding your business, and the next day you’re supposed to know how to lead a company through a pandemic. ... read more

Day 13

Dear diary, if my mum sends me one more WhatsApp broadcast message to mix onion, garlic and turmeric with blackseed oil or something…..

Day 14

Dear diary, on some days I get tired of work. Mails coming in every 5 minutes like can I catch a break? But on the bright side, I'm valuable to my company at this difficult time.