The Challenge

As part of its people management priorities between October 2017 and March 2019, this company identified the need to develop a career management framework to fulfill a number of people development outcomes, including:
  • Provide career pathways for the development of 150 high performance-potential talent
  • Support in succession identification and planning for Mission Critical roles
  • Clarify development competencies and provide duration for healthy progression time-frames
We were contacted to provide a solution to meet the unique requirements of this organisation.

The Solution

We commenced the process of developing the career path structure with diagnostics that provided current situation data for the different elements required for a career framework. Diagnostics done, we proceeded to solve the meat of the problem thus:
  • Group jobs comprising of three distinct job families were further distilled to identify commonalities, relationships and job complexities.
  • Career paths were identified in line with job family clusters.
  • Career path options were developed to show employee progression and movements along designated paths.
  • Governance structure was also recommended to be adopted in implementing the structure.
  • Mission Critical Roles (MCRs) were plotted to show various lateral, lattice and stint movements available within their disciplines.
  • Required competencies and development needs were also outlined for the MCRs and various job classes around the MCRs.
  • Positioning of the roles of top talent personnel on MCR career paths.

The Results

The career management framework was clear enough to facilitate the organisation’s self-implementation. Career development forms were deployed to capture actual career aspiration of those in the focus population.


The expectation is that this intervention will improve employee engagement and the retention of top talent, which in turn will impact the bottom line of the organisation. Through this process, we have also facilitated successor identification and development. The designed framework is facilitating the fulfillment of CGC’s corporate objectives.


Aligned employee career paths that boosts employee productivity to achieve set objectives.


Improved employer value proposition.


Enhanced employee retention and engagement.