The Challenge

The client had not had a strategic plan in over 10 years and required our services to support the development of a strategic plan to guide management decision as the market was experiencing a downturn mirroring the economic situation in the country.

The Solution

We advised the client to adopt a 3-year plan and not a 5-year plan considering the volatility of the operating environment. Upon acceptance, a study was done on the industry and diagnostics carried out to determine the operating model, current situation and gaps within the organisation. Based on the engagement with stakeholders and findings from the diagnostics, a 2-day strategy development session was held with the attendance of management staff to craft the strategy. A financial model to support the initiatives agreed upon was developed.

The Results

Our client was able to show its board its 3-year roadmap and investment requirement.


There was clarity on the direction of the company as well as consensus within the organisation.


Most critical was the ownership of the strategic plan by the management team because of the developmental process which ensures maximum consultation and involvement.