Transactions Advisory

At Phillips Consulting, we provide clients with the tools they need to better understand the competitive landscape and develop a more versatile, flexible approach. We've got you covered, from business plan development right through to project set-up.

Feasibility Studies and Business Planning

Attention to detail enables us to equip our clients with the skills and information required to reach sound business decisions and have an increased chance of gaining access to fin... read more

Financial Modelling

Our finance experts build bespoke and adaptable models tailored to the economic realities of our clients, facilitating a high degree of congruence between forecasts and actual perf... read more

Due Diligence

A thorough investigation into every aspect of your business, including ramifications, enables problems to be identified and overcome, including any contractual rights and obligatio... read more

Business Valuation

Our specialists can support, guide and advise those clients who are looking to either sell or purchase businesses to ensure the maximum value is derived from every investment made.

Deals Management & Funds Raising

We provide deal support, scrutinising proposals to identify loopholes, deal-breakers, value drivers, risk areas, and also devise solutions to ensure clients’ financial goals are ... read more

Strategic Alliances

We leverage the relationships we have and bridge the gap between business connections and partnerships between seekers and providers of capital, technical knowledge, and expertise.

Project Management

Our Project Managers use their experience, practical knowledge, and emotional intelligence to collaborate with our client organisations to guarantee the realisation of project obje... read more

Governance and Compliance

At Phillips Consulting, we help clients develop the invaluable tools of robust and grounded governance and compliance structures. We pride ourselves on having the unparalleled capabilities to undertake a full corporate audit and advise on a range of issues.

Corporate Governance Design

Utilising our in-depth understanding of the operating environment, our experienced Corporate Governance experts work hard to develop compliance handbooks, which detail best protoco... read more

Corporate Governance Review

Years of expertise implementing sound governance practices support our delivery of corporate solutions. These drive management efficiency and accountability, laying foundations for... read more

Board Performance Review and Evaluation

We use our extensive experience and knowledge to evaluate the composition of boards to determine the suitability of members, strengths, weaknesses, leading competitor practices. We... read more

Corporate Governance Training for Board and Management

We provide training to boards connected to respective regulatory environments, equipping them with the knowledge and skill-set required to respond to the ever-changing needs of the... read more

Research and Analytics

Insightful data unlocks opportunities for organisations to adopt transformational change with new ways of working and real-world competitive edge. At Phillips Consulting, we are committed to providing clients with research and analytics for effective business decision-making.

Industry Study

Our extensive and diverse data bank provides clients with the necessary tools to gain vital insight into market forces, key players within the industry, and evolving trends, empowe... read more

Market Investigation

We combine our broad expertise, intelligent systems, and unrelenting dedication to harness and analyse key market insights and indicators, providing the basis for competitive marke... read more

Consumer Insights

We utilise both qualitative and quantitative models to gain timely, insightful knowledge and can then provide our client organisations with the necessary tools to facilitate custom... read more

Strategy Execution

The experienced team of global professionals from Phillips Consulting collaborate with clients throughout the entire strategic cycle from formulation, modification, alignment, and communication through to sign-off and implementation. You have the intent. We provide the push.

Design thinking

We engage in an iterative process to fully understand customer needs, helping to devise breakthrough concepts and solutions to enable organisations to take an innovative approach t... read more


Our experience with Nigerian businesses and versatile hands-on experts enables us to help organisations with the integration of processes, people, and technology, enabling the achi... read more

Operations Transformation and Excellence

We dive deep to discover root-causes of poor performance to transform operations. Our consultants conduct in-depth examinations and audits to derive an understanding of processes, culture, structures and systems from which best-fit solutions are tailored for individual need.

Corporate Performance Improvement

We collaborate with vital team members of client organisations to build and fortify corporate structures, helping to enhance accountability and overall efficiency. We also enshrine... read more

Organisational Transformation

Tailored strategies enable seamless integration throughout the entire business process. Organisational transformation services cover a wide spectrum of services, from strategy deve... read more

Operational Process Improvement

To fully understand both the existing and optimal processes of a business, we conduct an in-depth analysis for all our client organisations. This enables us to identify any current... read more

Change Management

At Phillips Consulting, we help organisations navigate the murky waters of disruption. Our team develop frameworks and harness digital transformation as a driver for change, helping transition organisations from current states to being competitively positioned for the future.