Strategic Management

Strategy and execution are two things we excel at. We understand the importance of strategy to every business. With pcl. on your side, we provide the comprehensive force of our transformation expertise to guide you through every step, from planning to implementation.

Strategic Research & Market Intelligence

Insightful data unlocks opportunities for organisations to adopt transformational change with new ways of working and real-world competitive edge. At Phillips Consulting (pcl.), we... read more

Strategy Development

We engage in a collaborative and iterative process to fully understand customer needs, helping to devise breakthrough concepts and solutions to enable organisations take an innovat... read more

Strategy Planning & Execution

The experienced team of global-trained professionals from Phillips Consulting (pcl.) collaborate with clients throughout the entire strategic cycle from formulation, modification, ... read more

Transaction Support

At Phillips Consulting (pcl.), we provide clients with the insights they need to better understand the competitive landscape and develop a more versatile, flexible approach. pcl. c... read more

Governance Optimisation

Phillips Consulting (pcl.), helps clients develop the invaluable tools of robust and grounded governance and compliance structures. We pride ourselves on having the unparalleled ca... read more

International Development Advisory & Support

We have developed world-class capabilities to support international development organisations determine the approach to achieve project objectives and outcomes. Our knowledge of th... read more

Operations Transformation and Excellence

We dive deep to discover root-causes of poor performance to transform operations. Our consultants conduct in-depth examinations and audits to derive an understanding of processes, culture, structures and systems from which best-fit solutions are tailored for individual need.

Corporate Performance Improvement

We collaborate with vital team members of client organisations to build and fortify corporate structures, helping to enhance accountability and overall efficiency. We also enshrine... read more

Organisational Transformation

Tailored strategies enable seamless integration throughout the entire business process. Organisational transformation services cover a wide spectrum of services, from strategy deve... read more

Operational Process Improvement

To fully understand both the existing and optimal processes of a business, we conduct an in-depth analysis for all our client organisations. This enables us to identify any current... read more