The Challenge

Our client is a leader and Innovator in the Payment and Financial Technology industry in Nigeria and has contributed tremendously to the growth of electronic payments and fintech. In its bid to streamline business processes and increase revenue, our client approached us to perform a comprehensive assessment of its payment value chain and application processes.

The Solution

From our comprehensive bouquet of technology assurance services, we offered to conduct a number of bespoke payment risk and security assessments on our client’s environment to determine its risk exposures. Our assessments ensured risk levels were at acceptable thresholds according to the organization’s risk appetite and industry best practices. We also implemented business assurance controls for all business processes.

The Results

Our intervention has in turn has led to an increased level of stability and expansion of products across different business lines, boosting customer confidence in transacting business with the client.


We have boosted the global reputation of the client with significant revenue increases and process maturity.


Our intervention brought more partnerships with other payment brands.