The Challenge

When a major player in the global financial services industry needed to expand its business to Africa, it approached us. The firm’s expansion meant further complexity in its supply and distribution chain as well as a need to evolve the scope of its IT capabilities. Our brief was to help this firm drive growth and meet regulatory requirements by assessing the current state of its technological capabilities, and subsequently drive its technology transformation.

The Solution

Following our best practice implementation methodology, we supported our client in conducting a technology capability assessment covering IT growth, governance, process, people, performance, structure, security, infrastructure, projects and compliance and provided a scorecard of its current capability. We also engineered the improvement of the technology processes and built the capacity of our client’s workforce to align it to international standards.

The Results

Successful implementation provided our client with processes and controls to ensure the alignment of its technology function with the overall business strategy and objectives.


Facilitated growth and innovation across many business lines.


Our client’s technology processes are now standardized and baselined to Maturity Level 3 across different countries, providing customers unequaled financial services.