The importance of providing continuous learning opportunities to technology professionals cannot be overstated in the age of the digital economy.  pcl. is committed to supporting organisations keep pace with rapidly advancing technologies and the new roles evolving daily. In collaboration with our partner Skillsoft, the global leader in corporate learning, pcl. is announcing an award-winning solution “Technology and Developer” to advance and accelerate learning amongst enterprise technologists and developers.



The Technology and Developer content portfolio is delivered through Percipio – an unparalleled solution for continuous learning and adaptability in the age of digital disruption and transformation. Percipio allows learners to acquire knowledge and develop skills leveraging thousands of courses, videos and books. It also provides the following features to help learners practice their new skills, demonstrate mastery to their organisations, and have a higher chance of passing certification exams.


The Library:

With over 7000 courses and videos, the Technology and Developer content offering is in a micro-learning format that can be delivered on desktop or mobile applications. The Library includes publications on developer resources, emerging technologies, certification prep and real-time reference troubleshooting.



Percipio’s Technology and Developer course library offers more than 100 certification prep exams and 6,000 assessments that prepare candidates for certifications.


Test Preps:

Certification tests are designed to allow the learner to practice while preparing for an exam. Tests can be taken as many times as needed so the learner can build confidence in their ability. They can also take the test as a “timed” test simulating the pressure a learner would feel when writing the actual exam. A recent survey shows a 91% first-pass rate for people who use the certification prep content.


Online Mentoring:

Free online office hours with certified IT experts allows learners to ask seasoned professionals any questions they may have about upcoming certification tests.



Practice Labs:

a. For Developers: The virtual practice lab solution delivers coding exercises with embedded instructional video content that challenges software developers to learn, practice and perfect their coding skills in an integrated development environment (IDE) with immediate feedback and code validation.


b. For IT Infrastructure: Practice labs also support IT infrastructure training via virtualised machines that can mirror almost any hardware, software, or network configuration in a sandboxed environment. Infrastructure lab content covers the most popular vendor certifications from EC-Council, CompTIA, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware and ISC².


Live Bootcamps:

A dynamic virtual classroom experience, where learners access invaluable instruction and real-world insights from leading experts. The Bootcamp includes curated resources and helps in building confidence and accelerating knowledge retention.


The Percipio Technology and Developer Solution will address IT skills gap head-on, empowering technology and developer professionals to acquire the most modern, in-demand skills and support organisations to continually adapt in the age of digital disruption and transformation.


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