The evolution of digital learning is changing everything from our personal to work lives, and this has rapidly impacted corporate learning. As the business environment becomes more competitive, organisations can no longer afford to drive their capacity development initiatives using a single approach – conventional classroom learning.


With the Outbreak of COVID-19, organisations are forced to adjust their business operations to the current realities quickly, and many are in crisis mode. No one can forecast with any confidence how the economy will evolve over the medium term, but the question remains are organisations reacting effectively?


It is essential to respond effectively; however, it is also crucial for organisations to accelerate the learning curve. In a week or two, everything could change. That is the challenge posed by the coronavirus pandemic. Organisations must prepare themselves for the future; people priorities must take center stage.


Employees should upskill themselves, either through organisational training or independently by proactively seeking out new skillsets and certifications. This lockdown is a great period for people to complete some professional courses online and get certified. Employees must adopt an agile mindset that embraces change to create value in a hyper-connected automated world.


Digital learning is the new normal, and with the changes happening across the globe due to the pandemic, re-skilling of employees is critical. This re-skilling is required to update skills needed to meet the changing job environment as skills acquired only last around five years on average.


Digital learning provides an agile approach for organisations to meet their training needs with the advantages of speed, scale, pocket-friendly costs, and convenience.


While the trends and methods of digital learning are changing, the concept of the digital learner has not changed. Learners have always sought for the most convenient ways to acquire knowledge with regards to the timing, medium, and volume of information consumed. Employees now have more control of their learning paths as education programs are designed to fit their lifestyle, and with the lockdown, employees can learn new courses online in the comfort of their homes. It is possible to take courses in bite-sizes as you go about your daily routine.


Some of the benefits of digital learning are:


  • It empowers employees to learn practical, relevant content that helps them close the skills gap in their careers
  • It allows organisations to manage the development of employees easily: teach them new skills, track their progress, upgrade their qualifications or train them for new roles.
  • It is cost-effective. Companies don’t need to bear the cost of travel expenses, accommodation, and hosting seminars as is the norm with instructor-based training.
  • It helps employees to stay up to date with changes in their industry, thereby sustaining a competitive workforce.


Our digital learning solutions include over-the-counter content, learning technology, and bespoke content digitisation. We have implemented Learning Management Systems (LMS) in various leading organisations and over 70% of learners on our various platforms agree that our digital learning solutions have boosted their career development. When compared to the industry benchmark, our learning solutions were rated as having a higher impact on productivity. Below are some of our solutions:


1. Business and Technology Programs on Percipio
  • Leadership development programme
  • Business skills training
  • Digital transformation training
  • Digital skills training
  • Technology, developer, and certification solutions.


2. Finance and Banking Programs
  • Retail and corporate banking
  • Treasury Management Services
  • Islamic Banking & Finance
  • Financial Market
  • Risk Management
  • Regulatory Environment


3. Go Fluent- Corporate English Training


4. Ossidian (Telecommunication Industry Curriculum)


5. EC Council – Information Security certification e-Learning programs accredited by EC Council


6. Learning Technology
  • Percipio Learning Experience System
  • Net Dimensions Learning Management System


7. Bespoke Content Digitization
  • converts organisations’ proprietary content into interactive e-learning courses

Our technology-enabled learning techniques have saved as much as 68% over traditional training methods. Our global partner, Skillsoft, provides award-winning content, world-class service, and unmatched experiences. These interventions result in stronger skills, more engaged employees, and higher business returns.


COVID-19 poses one of the biggest corporate trials we have seen in decades. Nevertheless, upskilling employees through digital learning is one way to strengthen an organisation’s workforce and prepare them for the rough times ahead. A digitally agile workforce can withstand catastrophe.


pcl. is committed to providing high-quality digital learning content to turbo-charge organisations for optimal business performance.


Written by:

The Digital Learning Team