Organisations of all sizes and types are now realising that to survive in the “new normal” – where volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity are commonplace – leaders need to break from past approaches and rethink success. New skills and organisational capabilities that are completely different from those that helped us succeed previously are needed to drive innovation, adaptability, and success.

With this in mind, we are pleased to offer this one-day advanced learning experience targeted towards developing high-level performance and behavioural change.

We aim to empower leaders to accomplish their vision and inspire institutional growth, through expert-led sessions on:
  • The Nigerian business environment
  • Executive business reimagination
  • Digital transformation
  • Leadership philosophies in the new normal
  • Coaching high performance teams
  • The need for innovation
Facilitated by industry experts, professionals and best-in-class academics, we provide a deep and qualitative learning experience online. Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance and developed networking opportunities.


Official Certificate from the Jesus College, Cambridge University

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Disruptive Leadership – A Virtual Masterclass

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