In the third quarter of 2020, Phillips Consulting launched pcl. Micro Courses, a virtually enabled learning intervention that transformed the way learning takes place in Nigeria.


pcl. launched the intervention to position learners to be better equipped for entrepreneurial, employment and disruptive opportunities in today’s world.


Since the micro-courses launch, we have seen over a thousand unique individuals sign up for various short courses that range from leadership development to negotiation skills.


The pandemic has revealed that what was once considered soft skills are now hard skills. Learners across board require skills to prepare themselves for the world we are in now, where the corporate landscape and businesses, in general, are evolving at a much faster rate than we have ever seen before.


By introducing the micro-courses, we were pivoting to broader solutions that ensure we meet the critical learning needs of our changing world. As evident by the vast amount of individuals who signed up, these changes created the leap into the future of learning.


We have learned that learners in Nigeria have a dynamic appetite for a mix of technical, specialised, and personal development skills.  These elements play a role in how people will transform and disrupt themselves as they navigate the new normal and stir local and global change. We have further identified that there is more appetite for an understanding of starting small businesses.


In addition to the catalogue of courses that we introduced in 2020, we have also added specific areas that focus on SME topics. Our offerings are for anyone looking for ways to quickly gain some skills to change their behaviour towards achieving their overall objectives.


Our purpose is to transform possibilities for training by ultimately revolutionising and democratising learning in Nigeria. We are doing this by keeping our price points very attractive so that anyone can apply for these courses regardless of socioeconomic status. Whether you are an undergraduate in university or an experienced working professional, the pcl. micro-courses has something for everyone.


2020 was the year of disruption due to COVID 19. 2021 according to Scott Galloway, is “Post Corona”, where we are moving from Crisis to Opportunity. Our amazing offering is the opportunity that learners across Nigeria and Africa will have to shape the future of learning as we move into spaces where the skills required for the corporate world and starting our own business can be delivered in a highly deliberate and effective way.


For further information on the pcl. learning services for the future of learning, specifically the pcl. Micro Services, please visit our website at


Written by:

Nwaji Jibunoh

Head of Training