The current business landscape is rapidly evolving, and organisations are scrambling to implement strategies such as building an agile workforce to catch up and respond to these trends. The disruptive technological transformation displaces the ways organisations execute their plans and paves the way for technology’s infusions into work processes. A study on the importance of digital learning to organisations confirms that companies save at least 50% of what they would spend on traditional instructor-based training by investing in digital learning.


When the reality of Digital Learning is multiplied throughout an organisation and used as a point of reference for skills acquisition, the causal effect is employees taking more ownership of their learning, leading initiatives, and contributing tangibly to the growth and success of the organisation.


TSL Logistics, a customised logistics and transportation solution provider, has placed employee learning and development at the heart of its business since it was founded over a decade ago. They sought to go digital and make learning more accessible to staff, enabling them to enhance and acquire more skills. Having evaluated a range of solutions, they chose Percipio – the learning experience platform that is hailed as the rebirth of corporate learning. The TSL Percipio LxP, rebranded as “Tribe Academy” is designed to help meet TSL’s growing need to provide a new global online training infrastructure for the organisation.


Percipio delivers training resources to the TSL Logistics team across various competencies for organisational success. The TSL Logistics team have on-demand access to a wide variety of courses and content types, including the delivery of video-based training. Being an Effective Team Member and Developing Emotional Intelligence are among the most accessed learning content on the platform by TSL Staff.


Tribe Academy gives employees access to an extensive Skillsoft eLearning catalogue and opportunities to blend more formal mentoring and on-the-job support into their learning journey. Now learners cannot only request and self-enrol for courses but also track their learning.


The HR team recorded over 400 learning hours within the first month of learning, 217-course completions and 200 badges. This data shows that employees fully embraced the learning initiative, and the early high adoption rate has increased the productivity level of the employees within the organisation.



Here are excerpts from the comments of some TSL Logistics Staff.


  • The Percipio LxP is a great learning platform that affords different teams to learn in one space. I love the access to courses in various fields, which helps me develop my skills and gain mastery in my profession. – Adesola Peters
  • Using the Percipio LxP has been a great experience for me so far. I am quite amazed by the plethora of content on the platform. I love that I have my learning content at my fingertips and can take my development into my own hands. – Oluwatoyin Babatola


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