In this old-new world of work, leaders and teams need more assertive communication and deeper conversations to connect and thrive. Along the path to success, many issues complicate our efforts and create a divide – one of which is solitary work. As this temporary distance is fast becoming a more permanent way of work, companies are trying to bridge the existing gaps, increase trust, reduce the wariness, and take people off the edge that working alone could bring.


Here are a few tips for cultivating the culture of communication, transparency, inclusion, and authenticity as a brand; they include the following:


1. Role-model communication from the top

Building trust and openness across the organisation begins with the leadership’s commitment to transparency at all levels. This can be achieved by maintaining a virtual open-door policy, virtual-physical meetings, or stakeholder session with all cadres of staff and setting guiding principles to enable transparency and curiosity. Most of all, leaders must foster conversations that step away from the long, boring general meetings to drive cohesion and teamwork truly.


2. Create a Culture of Conversations that Matter

Meaningful conversations are fueled by creating moments that drive passion, emotional work, and authentic self-expression. Everyone in the brand remembers they are part of a chain and can see the value they bring. Open dialogue shared cross-functional tasks, and virtual collaboration should not be forced but encouraged in ways that people enjoy participating. It takes careful planning and execution to promote respectful interactions that include audio, video, and virtual hands-on togetherness.


3. Create a Social Learning Culture in the Workplace

Social learning has come a long way since the inception of remote work. Technology has significantly impacted the way employees interact with and learn from each other. However, people still need people.


In addition to all the formal learning and development initiatives planned, the business needs to remember that people at work want to learn from people at work. Therefore, there should be a social peer-to-peer, top-down and bottom-up approach to social learning. The spread system of work puts some talented people in cocoons because this system has taken off the work mask from some unknown introverts who prefer silence by normalising social learning.


Together Apart has become a pun that defines the next normal – for both life and work. It speaks to the resiliency of individuals to create meaningful value regardless of the distance. In this context, it is a reminder of the power of meaningful conversations at work; a call to consciously drive cohesion, a task for business leaders to encourage voices to be heard, to call the silent voices out to speak and to normalise doing the impossible regardless of space and time. If you want to stay in the lead, let your whispers be loud enough for everyone in your company to hear, see and feel; and let them be bold enough to drive the goals you have set out to achieve.


Written by:

Feranmi Owolabi-Okojie

Learning Innovation Lead, Training