2020 is around the corner! What is your pASE™ for your 2020 Business and Corporate Strategy?


Your 2020 success story starts now with Phillips Consulting Limited. (pcl.) as your trusted strategy development and execution partner using our famous and results-driven pASE™(Phillips Accelerated Solutions Experience) workshop retreat to help you create the right executable strategy underpinned by the right plan and roadmap.


And while 2020 might just be the start of another year for your competitors, we want your organisation to enter the 2020 new year battle-ready with clear focus and direction which we believe only our pASE™ strategy execution and collaborative workshop retreat can provide.


We will critically work with your leadership and all stakeholders in our tried and tested results-driven accelerated workshops to collaboratively create the right executable plan and roadmap for your strategy.


Our objective is to work with you to jumpstart your execution ability whether you are just starting to build your strategy, or you are moving into implementation, pcl. is here to support your success for 2020 and beyond.


When it comes to strategy, we at pcl. believe that inclusiveness is key. That is why our strategy development process sets us apart. Using our technics, we create an environment that enables people from diverse backgrounds and experiences to think creatively and collaboratively to tackle complex business challenges.


Our collaborative workshop encourages effective stakeholder participation and nurtures sustainable results by:


  • Clarifying goals and objectives
  • Fostering trust, cohesion and empowerment among participants
  • Making the best use of the group members talents, experience and knowledge
  • Leading the group through a process of establishing well thought-out recommendations aligned to the set objectives
  • Encouraging buy-in among stakeholders and promoting a collaborative-focused outcome



Written by:

Francis Buamah

Senior Partner