“Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.” —Sam Levenson


Self-motivation is simply the force that drives us to achieve something.  We are all motivated by several factors such as love, money, recognition or respect; the list goes on.


However, we sometimes find ourselves unmotivated to do anything. This can stem from elements such as self-doubt, fear of the unknown, or lack of resources or support. The ability to stay motivated is a good skill to have, if we must continue to excel in all aspects of life.


According to Bustle, these are five elements that can help you stay motivated to achieve your goals:

1. Money might not always motivate you: while money might be a motivator, if the job you are doing is not fulfilling, you will find that the money is not enough. Instead of relying solely on money, it is advisable to also ensure that the job you do is in line with your goals and vision in life.


2. Make sure the goals are yours: staying motivated to follow-through with our goals is often hard, now imagine going through life trying to fulfil someone else’s goals. The goals we set in life must be indeed ours, as that makes a whole lot of difference.


3. Visualize the results you are trying to achieve: Whatever your goal is in life, visualizing it motivates you to keep pushing to achieve it. One way you can do this is to have a vision board, where you put your life goals and visions and looked at it every day for motivation. Visualizing the result will keep you moving even when you do not feel like it.


4. Break the goal down into smaller pieces: Sometimes, our life goals can be overwhelming and daunting. To prevent this, Break these goals into smaller tasks or timelines and tackle them accordingly. Doing this will often make even the most intimidating goals seem manageable.


5. Get Organized: According to com, organizing our thoughts before taking up a huge task can help us declutter our minds. Collect these thoughts by talking through your desired outcome, what you have done so far, and your options for moving forward will help keep you motivated.


Staying motivated is very achievable, you just have to apply the above tips, and you will be on your way to achieving your goals in life. Good luck!


Written by:

Joan Azubuike

Assistant Consultant