Today, the most successful organisations are transitioning from hierarchal and siloed leadership practices to a mode of collective leadership that requires agile collaboration and distributed decision-making across teams. This changing nature of leadership fueled by agile business environments propels many employees into positions of leadership at all levels in the organisation.


Unfortunately, many in these roles find themselves unprepared to lead in the rapidly changing digital world. This is not due to lack of effort but more because the organisation failed to focus on honing the right leadership competencies required at this time. Time-tested research shows that when leadership development programs are either absent or lack the right focus, several poor behaviours can begin to take shape and derail both individual and organisational leadership efforts. As a result, organisations need to reinvent how they train leaders to ensure they are prepared and possess the competencies required to harness and drive innovation.


The program delivers smartly curated learning paths focused on the leadership capabilities critical to the success of the individual leader’s career and the organisation as a whole.


To chart a path forward on this, pcl. through its global partnership with Skillsoft is offering a point of need digitally delivered leadership development program (Skillsoft Leadership Development program powered by MIT Sloan – SLDP). This program speaks to the specific capabilities leaders at all levels require at critical moments in their journey. It addresses the changing way in which organisations need to develop leaders by providing a valuable, cost-effective, and engaging leadership development experience.


SLDP delivers an exciting learning journey focused along with various courses smartly curated into the learning channels highlighted below:



SLDP boasts of a unique learning design and scenario-based pedagogy that sets it apart from other leadership programs. Through compelling drama and pragmatic storytelling, SLDP models the critical human-interaction elements of leadership and demonstrates effective implementation strategies within the team context, allowing learners to tie learning to on-the-job behaviours. Learners also benefit from a wide array of tools and application resources, including reflection questions, knowledge checks, post-course assessments, facilitation guides, leader-led activities and exercises.


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Written by:


Modupe Thomas-Owoseni

Head of Advisory, Digital Learning