In the last few years, technology and the generation (Gen Y) at the workplace have impacted Learning and Development. Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) is disrupting the world and becoming a game-changer for businesses and organisations as it is changing the way organi­sations are structured and the way people operate and get their work done. A survey of millennials indicates that 63% did not have their leadership skills fully developed, and 71% of employees are likely to leave in the next two years as they are dissatisfied with how their leadership skills are developed. (Want to Keep Your Millennials? Then Train Them – by TLNT) With these numbers rising, the failure of a company to invest in employee development can reduce productivity and the bottom line.


Therefore, employee development is critical in keeping workers engaged, retaining top talent, and a pivotal part of the organisation’s business strategy.


Prime Atlantic Group has seen these rapid changes in learning whereby digital technology, mobile applications and videos have been introduced into the learning experiences.


As the COVID-19 pandemic became prevalent and classroom training was put on hold due to the lockdown, digitalising learning in Prime Atlantic became necessary to facilitate continuous learning and build a more robust learning culture across all businesses within the group.


The shift resulted in Prime Atlantic Group (PAG) collaborating with Phillips Consulting Limited (pcl.) to implement the Percipio Learning Experience Platform (LxP) – an employee-centric platform designed to facilitate a robust continuous learning environment.


The Solution

The LxP is branded as the ‘Prime Academy’ and will enable learners to be immersed in over 8,000 continuously updated learning assets spread across 374 channels. It will aid staff in following a defined learning path from 38 curated learning journeys. The platform is designed to engage and inspire the team to learn and create new ways of thinking, thus improving performance and skills. Percipio also allows learners to search for content or answers using an in-browser elastic search function. The courses and videos are scenario-based, designed to drive better learning outcomes and give learners the narratives they crave. With this, staff can discover and self-direct their learning. Managers can also define and assign learning to employees based on identified competency areas and track learning progress.



Below are excerpts from comments of some PAG Staff:


The Prime Academy is filled with practical knowledge that will promote the productivity of the employees of Prime Atlantic and contribute significantly to employees’ personal growth. The ease of navigating between topics alongside bookmarking are some of the features that make it a great learning tool. Amongst others, workforce productivity, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth are key areas that will encourage the Can-Do mindset among staff. Knowledge and skills gained will eventually transform them into future business owners and leaders. – Abiodun Adetunji, Operations – SYNERPET


My experience so far has been good. The portal is easy to navigate, and it loads up fast. The course auto-play feature that enables learning between topics is great. It allows for seamless learning between topics without clicking. – Ibiyemi Aromire, Finance – PACE


As a leader with over 15 years of experience in the digital learning space, pcl. is confident that PAGs’ adoption of digital learning is a step in the right direction toward building talent agility. This adoption will result in a growing workforce ready to pivot, adjust courses, and take on new roles or challenges at a moment’s notice. This investment will enhance career mobility within the organisation, boost employee engagement, and support PAG in reinforcing and sustaining leadership in the oil and gas industry.