pcl. partners with American talent management giant to introduce new business-focused HR certifications in Nigeria.


As part of efforts to transform HR practice in Nigeria, pcl. is glad to announce a new partnership with Human Capital Growth (HCG), a US-based talent management giant. Using science, analytics and empathy, HCG will complement pcl.’s effort to drive growth and excellence in Nigerian organisations. The partnership will provide evidence-based HR and talent management certifications to the Nigerian market.


In concrete terms, this partnership ensures that existing and aspiring HR professionals have the opportunity to nurture skills and pursue certifications in focus areas such as workforce analytics, change management, leadership development, integrated talent management amongst others.


What differentiates HCG certifications from current certifications available in the Nigerian market is that they are hands-on, project-based and backed by deep industry and academic expertise. Rather than focus solely on the administrative and legal aspects of HR practice, these certifications will equip HR professionals with the tools, resources and expertise to make instant and tangible business impact.


“It is time,” said Paul Ayim, Senior Partner in charge of pcl.’s People Transformation practice, “for HR to raise the bar beyond HR operations and change the conversation to more strategic business-aligned issues that impact business performance.” For Dr. Shreya Sarkar-Barney, HCG’s founder-CEO, “human resource and talent management professionals are increasingly called upon to align the workforce with the business needs and deliver measurable improvements. Our science-based courses and certifications can be readily put to use to deliver results.”


For enquiries and further discussion, please send an email to hcgcert@phillipsconsulting.net