Globally, business leaders are launching digital transformation programs to stay competitive. Businesses that seek digital transformation engage in digital transactions, integrating technology into their operations and service delivery. Business leaders realize that it is necessary to adopt a culture that supports this business strategy to achieve a successful transformation.


Culture and business strategy have a symbiotic relationship, with equal relevance for business success. This indicates that a digital culture is unavoidable when undergoing a digital transformation. A digital culture is one that recognizes and promotes a business environment with the structures, competencies and behaviours that enable employees to leverage technology in their day to day life. The organisation live a digital culture life!


Due to the constant changes in technology in today’s business environment, a transactional approach to digital transformation is inadequate without constant upskilling of the people using the technology.


Before now, business leaders only championed the engagement of new technology with little attention to the culture to sustain new initiatives and accommodate the rapid increase in new technologies. In a 2011 survey by Capgemini Digital Transformation Institute, over 50% of respondents said that culture was a significant hurdle to digital transformation. In a second study, this figure rose to 62%.


Digital strategists and human resource leaders affirm that in the absence of a digital culture, the vision and strategy for digital transformation might not be communicated effectively across the organisation. The relevance of the agenda may also be underestimated, misunderstood, or even neglected in the planning and execution. Employees may observe first-hand the lack of digital literacy in the leadership or lack of empowerment, creating a disconnect that hampers innovation and collaboration. The key benefit from a focused digital culture transformation programme is an environment that promotes innovation, nimbleness and agile employees.


Is your organisation seeking to operate at top gear towards digital transformation? Using the pcl. Digital Culture Evaluation Service, you can assess and monitor your company’s digital culture readiness. Using these insights, pcl. will work with you to articulate cultural interventions that support your digital transformation objectives.


pcl. can assist your business to:


  • Assess the current level of digitisation, compare the digital culture maturity to industry peers, and identify specific gap areas
  • Design a digital culture plan and help business leaders align with the strategic vision
  • Design the right structures, functions, roles, and competencies to support your digital strategy
  • Manage digital change and communication.