In a fast-paced, changing world where the business landscape is rapidly evolving, organisations must react quickly to fast-changing market conditions to ensure they retain a competitive edge and remain relevant in their respective business area. This increased ability to be agile is one reason organisational learning is important.


The knowledge created through organisational learning, when transferred within the organisation, benefits organisations that adopt a learning culture by;



  1. Increasing employee job satisfaction
  2. Lowering turnover rates
  3. Increasing productivity, profits and efficiency
  4. Developing leaders at all levels
  5. Enhancing adaptability throughout the organisation


NNPC Ltd understands the benefits of developing a learning culture and has before now implemented digital learning resources for organisational competency development.


However, to provide an enhanced digital learning experience for all staff, NNPC Ltd collaborated with Phillips Consulting Limited (pcl.) to implement the Percipio Learning Experience Platform (LxP) – an employee-centric platform designed to facilitate a robust continuous learning environment.


Branded as the NNPC Knowledge Hub, the LxP allows NNPC Staff to be immersed in over 4,000 continuously updated learning assets spread across 537 channels. It will aid staff in following a defined learning path from 268 curated learning journeys. The platform is designed to engage and inspire the team to learn and create new ways of thinking, thus improving performance and skills. Percipio also allows learners to search for content or answers using an in-browser elastic search function. The courses and videos are scenario-based, designed to drive better learning outcomes and offer learners the narratives they crave. With this, staff can discover and self-direct their learning. Managers can also define and assign employee learning based on identified competency areas and track learning progress.



Within the first two weeks of access, NNPC Ltd staff recorded over 1,268 hours of learning, 2,233-course completions and earned 2,832 digital badges. This confirms the platforms’ engaging design, which encourages self-directed learning.


Below are excerpts from some Staff:


Journey Completed. The courses were rich in context and with good and relevant examples. I look forward to integrating what was learned into my professional career. – Abdulbasit Ibrahim


The learning experience was beautiful, and the videos were interesting and engaging. – Christian U. Titus


We learnt and relearnt so much from the detailed courses with great examples, illustration and knowledge checks. – Olufunmilayo E. Awe


This is honestly one of the best sets of online courses I have taken. I found the content very rich, robust, and relevant. – Asma’U Zaki


We want our people to learn as they work and continue to develop themselves in a way that helps them broaden their perspectives, keep up to date with emerging trends, and think innovatively about their jobs and the larger company goals. In this way, they can continuously create value for the company. I believe that the returns on investment are immeasurable or unquantifiable. – Samira Ahmed (Project Lead)


Prior to subscribing to the Skillsoft Percipio LxP, we used an assortment of LMSes. With our subscription to Skillsoft Percipio, we now understand that an LxP fundamentally differs from an LMS in the sense that whilst the latter provides e-learning content significantly from the vantage point of the e-learning administrator, the former takes full cognisance of the learners’ experience into account and seeks to maximise their immersion into their learning journeys. Essentially, the Skillsoft Percipio LxP has made learning fun for most of our employees that have used it! 


Percipio’s high adaptability and facilitation of ‘learning on the go’ has made the adoption of e-learning faster and easier. It integrates well with some of our organisation’s applications, like MS Teams. Beyond this, Percipio is downloadable on Android and IOS mobile devices, allowing employees to learn anywhere and at any time. In addition, NNPCL’s subscription to the Skillsoft Percipio LxP has saved our company a lot of money in terms of the cost of acquiring the same knowledge and skills using traditional learning intervention models. 


As an e-learning manager, I am proud of the Skillsoft Percipio platform, being our organisation’s first LxP subscription – Bashir A. Abdullahi (Deputy Mgr., Knowledge Mgt.)


pcl. will continue working with NNPC Ltd to deepen the use of the LxP and thereby position the organisation to achieve its mission of ‘reliably delivering energy while continuously creating value for all stakeholders. Our over 15 years of experience in the digital learning space enables us to provide value engineering services to many such organisations with the objective of embedding learning in the flow of work and helping them translate knowledge gained into improved service delivery.