“People are not your most important asset. The right people are.” – Collins.


Talent sourcing has emerged as a significant challenge that organisations are grappling with in the present times. Acquiring the most suitable talent at the precise moment necessitates purposeful action and inventive thinking. Among the current trends in talent sourcing, we find the implementation of employer branding strategies, the organisation of career fairs, and the appointment of employee ambassadors who serve as company representatives. These innovative approaches have proven effective in attracting and securing top-notch talent for organisations.


According to the statistics by LinkedIn Talent Solution, a mere 36% of the workforce is actively seeking new opportunities. However, it is astonishing to note that 90% of individuals are open to conversing with recruiters. Considering this information, it becomes imperative for organisations to adopt innovative approaches when it comes to sourcing and attracting top talent.


Several additional reasons for failing to acquire the appropriate talents are identified as follows. Firstly, job posts must effectively convey the intended message to potential candidates. This lack of clarity can lead to confusion and ultimately deter qualified individuals from applying. Furthermore, we noted that the job posts are only sometimes shared on the appropriate channels, resulting in a limited reach and a missed opportunity to attract suitable candidates.


In addition, it is crucial to acknowledge the importance of staying current with new talent-sourcing trends. Leveraging these emerging strategies can help connect with potential candidates who may possess the desired skills and qualifications.


Another factor that can impede the search for suitable talents is the need for adequate tools and resources available to the search team. With the necessary support, it becomes easier to identify and engage with potential candidates effectively.


Moreover, it is essential to recognise the significance of utilising innovative talent search strategies. By thinking outside the box and exploring unconventional methods, organisations can increase their chances of finding the right individuals for their openings.


Furthermore, we observed that candidates have become more selective in their application process. With many opportunities available, individuals are now carefully considering their options before applying for job openings. This increased selectivity poses a challenge for employers who must ensure that their positions stand out and align with the preferences of potential candidates.


Additionally, it is crucial to establish a strong alignment between the employer’s and the candidate’s preferences. A lack of synchronisation regarding culture, benefits, and employer brand can deter qualified individuals from pursuing opportunities within an organisation.



Various factors contribute to the challenge of acquiring the right talents. By addressing these issues and adopting a comprehensive approach, organisations can enhance their recruitment efforts and attract the qualified individuals they seek. Finding quality talent can be challenging, but being intentional makes it worthwhile, and we can adopt the strategies below:

Following these tried and tested recruiting strategies are essential for a hiring process.


  1. Referrals:

Utilising a referral program emerges as one of the most commendable methods to attract exceptional talent. This strategy is highly effective due to its cost-free nature, yielding more qualified candidates than recruiters could discover independently.


  1. Job boards:

Examining multiple career boards can be immensely advantageous when identifying the most suitable candidates for a given position. Numerous companies have achieved remarkable success by meticulously sifting through resumes previously submitted by applicants, employing a meticulous approach that involves searching for specific keywords and meticulously evaluating other relevant criteria.


Using job boards as a candidate

It would be highly advisable for a candidate to consider the strategic step of posting their resume to reputable job boards. This astute action enables recruiters within their desired field to reach out to them when a suitable position becomes available. By thoughtfully incorporating the appropriate keywords into their resume, candidates can effectively capture the attention of recruiters and significantly enhance their prospects of securing the desired employment opportunities.


Therefore, candidates can substantially streamline their job search endeavours by proactively attracting recruiters and facilitating their search process.


  1. Company website:

Numerous companies need to pay more attention to the significance of incorporating a recruitment link on their websites. It is worth noting that job seekers frequently navigate to a company’s website to peruse available job vacancies. Prominently showcasing the link on your homepage or within a designated ‘careers’ tab is of utmost importance to guarantee that potential candidates can effortlessly locate your recruitment information.


  1. Networking events:

We arrange recruitment networking events encompassing a comprehensive range of meticulously curated training courses and meticulously orchestrated meetings and conferences; all facilitated through the esteemed platforms of Zoom and Microsoft Teams. These meticulously curated events are a remarkable opportunity to forge meaningful connections with prospective candidates, allowing them to engage in insightful conversations and gain valuable industry insights. Moreover, these events provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the requisite skills and knowledge imperative for the positions that pique their interest, equipping them with the necessary tools to excel in their desired roles.


  1. Social Media:

Recruiters utilise social media platforms to research job candidates and as a standard recruitment tool. A solid social media presence is crucial for companies to attract top talent and establish relationships with current employees. Social media has become an essential tool for recruiters to find potential candidates with the necessary skills and experience. For candidates, social media provides an opportunity to increase visibility and discover potential job prospects.


According to a study by The Open University in Wales, 79% of job seekers say they are likely to use social media in their job search, which increases to 86% for younger job seekers.


  1. Career Fairs:

Some companies and employers still prefer to conduct their recruiting and hiring in person rather than solely online. Job seekers should explore the internet to determine whether career fairs or other recruiting activities occur. Career fairs allow candidates to submit resumes and engage in meaningful conversations with potential employers.


  1. Examine your existing pool of candidates:

Recruiters can search their candidate database using Excel spreadsheets or recruiting software. This software allows them to search for specific roles using keywords and extract information from resumes, ensuring uniform records for each candidate.



To find the most suitable candidates, recruiters typically use a combination of different sourcing techniques, like sales, where they sell the position to candidates and sell candidates to hiring managers. This multi-faceted approach allows recruiters to identify the best possible candidates.


What barriers are there to identifying qualified talent?

According to recruiters (2017 Recruiter Sentiment Study MRI Network):

  • Not enough suitable candidates – 63%
  • Candidates don’t respond to calls and emails – 42%
  • Difficulty finding passive talent – 34%
  • many unqualified junk resumes from job boards – 23%
  • Other – 11%



Phillips Consulting Limited (pcl.) offers comprehensive recruitment management services, including talent acquisition, sourcing, referrals, headhunting, shortlisting, first-level interviews, and a final report with the top three candidates for the role(s). Additionally, we provide the option of a behavioural assessment to provide insights into each candidate’s personality. The timeline for the recruitment process is contingent upon the number of roles to be recruited.


pcl. has over 30 years of experience supporting businesses in maximising work time. We specialise in working with organisations to strengthen their workforce and recruit the best-fit candidates. To learn more about how we can support you, please reach out to us at people@phillipsconsulting.net


Written by:

Oreoluwa Gbajumo-Umukoro

Assistant Consultant