Digitalisation is playing a vital role in our interaction and daily routine. The way we do things have tremendously changed; likewise, our mode of communication channels. Businesses need to embrace digitalisation to advance, thrive, and positively impact this new age. Adopting end-to-end digital platforms in the way we interact, engage, and communicate with our potential and existing customers is essential for customer satisfaction and company growth. Business offerings must align with customers’ requirements and meet their expectations. Excellent customer experience should provide significant customer interaction and engagement using end to end digital communication channels. This article brings us to what we describe as digital touchpoints.


Digital touchpoints have to do with how businesses interact with customers using digital channels to drive communication and customer engagement. Starting from the moment the customers enquire about the services rendered or getting to know the services offered by the company, next to the point of purchase, and lastly, providing feedback/reviews from customers’ experience after service delivery. We can also describe digital touchpoints as a way of satisfying customers by driving communication interaction and, in return, make profits.


According to, “The usage of internet in Nigeria increased by 2.2 million (+2.6%) from 2019 and 2020. Between April 2019 and January 2020, social media users in Nigeria increased by 3.4 million(+14%). Between January 2019 and January 2020, mobile connections in Nigeria grew by 12 million (+7.7%)”. 


Going by these figures, it is clear that the rate at which users use the internet, mobile, and social media channels is very high. Hence, companies must embrace digitalisation to drive communication, engaging clients on the services and offerings rendered for positive results.


At pcl., we help organisations improve their digital growth for better customer experience, satisfaction and enhance their end to end digital platforms. In this article, we will discuss different types of touchpoints that can aid customer satisfaction and experience.


Types of digital Touchpoints



Having a quality website as an organisation is an excellent way to showcase organisation offerings. An interactive website with good content will give customers an understanding of the products and services offered. A good website will also provide an excellent customer journey, promote the company brand, improve the perception of the company from the customer point of view, and lastly, enhance customers’ engagement. In this digital world, there are essential features that drive communication and engagement on websites. Some of those features are chatbot, live chat, an interactive welcome video, or a documentary explaining how to navigate the site and the likes.


Social Media Platforms 

“According to statistics, in Nigeria between 2017 and 2019, the number of social network users increased from 17.96 to 24.59 million and this figure is expected to grow to 44.63 million users in 2025”.  Data


Businesses need to adopt the use of social media platforms in showcasing their products and services. Developing a good social media presence will help companies reach out to customers, attract new markets, connect with old and potential customers, build their brands, and increase company sales. Also, make sure you have a dedicated team that will manage the platform effectively. A good team should actively connect with clients and build relationships to earn customer’s confidence. To end this, agree on the pace at which you post the contents on the platform. Ideally, such a task should be regular and consistent.


Creating good social media platforms will boost the productivity of the company. The popular ones are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedln, and Youtube.


Mobile App 

Today small, medium, and large firms are developing mobile apps for their businesses. Implementing mobile application as a company goes beyond money-making through the app stores and delivers adequate value to customers. There will be significant growth in businesses when customers can gain access to products and services rendered by having enough information that will drive engagement. A good mobile app should possess the following attributes( i) Improve customers’ satisfaction, thereby retaining such customers. (ii) A great communication channel for internal operations and customers. (iii) reduction in the manual process, hence a digital mobile app presence. (iv)Increase sale. (v) Built for Android and IOS (vi) user-friendly and simple (vii) Should have mobile app analytics tools in measuring the success of the app, and assist to come up with some recommendations on how best to improve on the app, how to get better on the products offered to customers.


Web/Online Portal

Technology advancement has changed many things across the globe, the world is now digital, and every business must align its processes to the new normal. For this reason, a web/online portal is a good platform for companies that want to boost or grow their businesses. The web portal enables clients, vendors, or workers to connect to the same URL to communicate, chat, and exchange information. An outstanding online portal must have(i) a seamless onboarding experience. (ii)a live chat and chatbot for customer experience satisfaction. (iii) The portal must be simple to navigate and be interactive. (iv) It must be available 24hours with no downtime. (v) Offer self-service solutions. (vi)Safeguard the portal from hackers by continuously improving portal security.


Businesses should align with the digital world by digitalising their business processes and offerings using digital touchpoints to falter and become irrelevant. Providing creative and digital solutions will improve customers’ experience, give customers’ satisfaction, and add value to the business.


Written by:

Adenike Danmole

Assistant Consultant



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