Today’s competitive and demanding business environment compels business leaders and training professionals to stay updated with the various knowledge critical to the survival of their business. Present-day employees can become lifelong learners who understand the role of learning in personal and professional success. For Corporates, this means frequently organising training to upskill employees, promoting a learning culture, and ultimately transforming into a learning organisation.


Some learning professionals opt for off-the-shelf eLearning content or subscribe to eLearning content libraries to access various learning resources to develop employees. While this is a great way to train people, these courses may not be sufficient to develop the skills needed for organisational success based on the peculiarities of the organisation.


The infusion of technology into training paved the way for the digitisation of content, which brings numerous benefits to businesses. This article focuses on the top eight (8) benefits.



1. One-Time Investment: Unlike off-the-shelf courses that require monthly or annual payments to train limited learners, bespoke content development requires a one-time financial investment to develop the desired learning content. The organisation wholly owns the digitised courses, which can be used to train all employees without limit.


2. Bespoke Digitised Content Aligned to Organisational Needs: Every organisation has unique needs and challenges. The likelihood of off-the-shelf courses addressing these peculiar needs and challenges problems is low because they are designed with a generic audience in mind. Bespoke digitised content, however, is developed to address specific organisational needs giving room for customisation. Some required organisational processes that can be digitised for maximum value include:


  • Corporate Vision, Mission & Values
  • Onboarding /Induction Product knowledge
  • Company Compliance training
  • Internal policies and procedures
  • Company-wide initiatives


3. Facilitates Knowledge Management and Retention: Processes, skills, and information essential for operational efficiency and critical for business continuity can be digitised into interactive and gamified eLearning courses and warehoused on a digital learning platform. This way, when an experienced employee exits the organisation, the organisation can leverage the digitised content to train and re-train new and existing employees.


4. Cost Incurred in Losing Important Information:According to the 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study by Ponemon, the average cost of each stolen or lost record that contains confidential or sensitive information is $148 – an increase of 4.8% year-over-year. Organisations utilising a learning portal can efficiently warehouse and host digitised content and retrieve it when necessary. This way, you won’t be bothered about losing content when training employees.


5. Uniformity: The content within bespoke eLearning courses is the same for all learners to ensure uniformity in the information circulated within the organisation. Various Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can be involved in aggregating content for the course, ensuring that information reflecting the company’s brands and values is considered in addition to the content.


6. Reliability of Information: Tailored-fit courses are designed to enhance the organisation’s brand and culture, which becomes a recognisable intellectual asset. This promotes a sense of trust in the information contained in the courses and can contribute towards high engagement and increased learner adoption rates.


7. Reduces Training Time: Investing in bespoke content digitisation gives firms control over their intellectual property. Companies can design courses tailored to meet their organisation’s specific needs. This can be delivered within a short period saving time that can be used productively for other organisational initiatives


8. Accessible Learning Content: By digitising your intellectual content, it is easy for employees to access the learning resources on their mobile devices and computer.


When carefully designed, bespoke digitised eLearning courses effectively enhance knowledge transfer and retention. The digitised content is available just in time with little or no disruption to workflow and is reusable without any limit. This effort helps preserve organisational knowledge and can be updated easily when content changes.


pcl. has over two decades of experience digitising bespoke eLearning courses. Our Bespoke Content Digitisation Service (BCx) incorporates gamified and interactive scenarios and case studies, among other features, to match learners’ needs and deliver practical and effective courses for your organisation. This encompassing content design strategy helps create a knowledge-compliant and high-performing organisation.


We have designed engaging and interactive eLearning courses for businesses across various industries. Please speak to one of our consultants via, and let’s help you transform your training!


Written by:

Yewande Okemati

Learning Experience Consultant