The preceding months brought with them an unprecedented challenge to our personal and professional lives. In the corporate context, these tough times will continue to test the empathy and preparedness of organisations across the globe as they try to solve the puzzle of balancing talent development, employee well-being, and productivity. Data from a recent Phillips Consulting (pcl.) study reveals that organisations that see talent development as a necessity, despite the challenging business terrain, brought about by COVID-19, are those that will stay ahead of the curve and become more successful than the others.


Ikeja Electric has emerged as one such organisation in its sector, with its recent decision to partner with Phillips Consulting to transform and drive innovation through digital learning. The choice to implement an enterprise-wide Digital Learning platform will provide the resources required to continually upskill Ikeja Electric employee’s and fulfil the talent needs necessary in a rapidly changing economy.


By the adoption of digital learning, Ikeja Electric can now seamlessly standardise learning across all its business units at a cost-effective and seamless manner. The platform will also serve as a learning hub for e-technical training in the power sector.


According to the Chief Human Resources & Admin Officer, Ikeja Electric, Henry Ajibola, the organisation is preparing its workforce for the future, which is now. With the implementation of a digital learning platform, we have created a viable continuous learning environment where our employees will continuously upskill and reskill themselves for their overall development and career growth.


Ikeja Electric places a high premium on human capital development as a vital component of driving its commitment to provide the best possible service to customers within its network. Digital learning will enable us to build talent agility and drive a strong performance culture in our employees.


The solution deployed focuses on delivering value to global organisations in highly-regulated industries, as it has the tools needed to manage personalised training programs, compliance initiatives, licensing and certification, competencies, and serves as a platform for consolidating all external training. It also provides for consistent delivery of quality training to all employees regardless of physical location. Additionally, there is a Mobile App that enhances user experience, facilitating on-demand learning and performance support for employees.


The head of Digital Learning at pcl., Mrs Modupe Thomas-Owoseni, commended the bold step that Ikeja Electric has taken by beginning its digital learning journey, putting it at par with organisations globally who have adopted same. With the increasing agile multi-generational workforce in organisations and the need to embed learning in the flow of work, the digital learning route is indeed the way to go, and Ikeja Electric has surely taken leadership in the Electricity Distribution Sector.


Phillips Consulting is a leader in organisational learning, trusted for over 28 years across Africa by leading organisations in the Private and Public sector to provide value-driven, innovative, learning & performance support solutions.