We often feel like our work/personal space seems to be closing in on us. Whether it is the clutter around our desk, the dishes piling up in the sink, or not finding your documents in the right places. All of these can lead to frustration, anxiety, and stress, which directly impact our well-being.


According to Management30,  “When you clear the excess clutter out of your life, you will notice the positive effects it has on your mental state and overall wellness.”


Here are some benefits associated with decluttering:


Improved productivity:

when our physical space is decluttered, we often tend to feel it in our minds. When our minds are clear of unnecessary distractions like an untidy workspace, we can focus on essential things.



we live and work in a high consumer society and sometimes get caught up buying and pilling on things we hardly use. Decluttering will help us save up on our hard-earned cash as it helps us value and take notice of the things we have.


More Time:

According to SimpleLionHeart “When you own less, you have less “stuff” to manage. You spend less time cleaning, tidying, and taking care of the things you own, simply because there’s less of it”.



a cluttered space can cause safety hazards such as fire outbreaks or an object falling off and injuring someone. It is crucial that not only do we keep our workspace tidy, but that we make sure everything is tucked in the right place and adequately insulated.



letting go of some of our possessions will help us re-discover ourselves and our preferences. Decluttering clears things physically and mentally, helping us see and appreciate how our taste/style has evolved. Once you discover what you like, you can make a decision quickly in the future.


Improved Physical Health:

clutter can cause many harmful substances to invade our space, such as dust, which can pose a respiratory risk, especially asthmatic individuals. Clearing up your space will reduce the risk of this.


Organising might seem like a herculean task for some, but taking it one day at a time and being consistent will help you become a pro. The more organised you are, the more physically and mentally fit you will feel.


Written by:

Joan Azubuike

Assistant Consultant