If the past year has taught us anything, it would be that; people are the real reasons why businesses succeed or fail.


The world was reset to zero in March of 2020 when personal and professional disruptions set in globally.


Many companies experienced the changes with their people early on, and leaders had to unlearn traditional methods and adopt new approaches to managing resources. In addition, the proliferation of virtual workplaces with new innovative products further highlighted the demand for necessary adjustments.


Many leaders struggled with these adjustments as changing behaviours is understandably never easy, especially when these changes are unplanned and unexpected.


In collaboration with the Intellectual Forum at The Jesus College, Cambridge University, pcl. has designed a “High-Performance Coaching” course for professionals in managerial and supervisory roles.


This “High-Performance Coaching” course will equip professionals with skills to manage their team better while developing competencies that would better situate them for senior leadership positions.


Our facilitators are a mix of local and international facilitators from the Nigerian private sector and professors from Cambridge University who collectively have decades of experience in strategic and people leadership.


This course will help participants transform their current beliefs around leading and managing teams and better understand the behaviours required for coaching individuals for success.


Please register for this course by clicking on the link here or contacting us directly at training@phillipsconsulting.net or call +2348034020520