Digital transformation has been a critical agenda for the Government of Ghana to make the country a leading digital hub in Africa. In driving the digital transformation plan, the government has instituted several reforms and policies and invested heavily in technology infrastructures to help streamline government services and drive growth in all aspects of the economy.


Ghana National Gas, one of the key players in the oil and Gas sector, has initiated several initiatives to execute reforms that would drive the company’s growth and sustainability.


Following the disruption brought about by the Covid Pandemic, the company redesigned its business processes and how its human resources are trained and developed. One of the reforms includes the digitalisation of their training and learning resources. Ghana Gas sees the need to integrate digital learning into the workforce to continuously deliver highly qualitative services, reinforcing the focus on position and influence in the marketplace. The digitalisation of their learning will not only support operational agility and efficiency through tailored and accessible learning but would also help foster a culture of continuous learning in the organisation.


In integrating technology into their learning process, Ghana Gas, in partnership with Phillips Consulting Limited(pcl.), a leading business and management consulting firm in Nigeria, has instituted a Learning Experience Platform (LXP), Percipio.



The Intelligent state-of-the-art Learning platform will deliver an immersive learning experience to the staff of Ghana Gas. This will enable learners to access over 10,000 learning resources: Videos, Audiobooks, Book summaries, Courses, etc., across Business SkillsLeadership Development, Compliance, Technology, Developer and Certification Solutions, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)Training, and many more. These contents are tailored to address the different learning styles of learners, allowing them to either Watch, Read, Listen and Practice at their own pace.


The courses and videos include assessments/tests, live practice labs, and scenario-based examples to effectively drive better learning outcomes and empower learners with the required knowledge and skills. Managers can also define and assign employee learnings based on identified competency areas and track learning progress. The user-centric platform also provides curated learning paths that enable learners to master the skills needed to be agile, relevant, and competitive within their various fields.


Ghana Gas believes upskilling and reskilling the workforce has become a significant priority for the firm. By leveraging digital technologies, Ghana Gas can instil a learning culture and better position itself for success.


As a leader with over 15 years of experience in the digital learning space, pcl. has helped several organisations across West Africa embed learning into the workflow. We provide organisations with world-class digital learning interventions that would help shape talents and drive organisational growth. pcl. is therefore confident that Ghana Gas’s adoption of digital learning is a step in the right direction toward building talent agility and driving their digital transformation Agenda.