Phillips Consulting Limited conducts a variety of Leadership and Management Development courses to thousands of executives, managers and business people yearly.


This has been done through a structured and innovative manner on principles of organisational leadership and management development issues.


Our wealth of experience in conducting such courses has seen us retain the position as the leading Consulting firm in Management, Leadership & Organisational Transformation issues in Nigeria. We have been increasingly active in supporting various aspects of change management in both the public and private sectors through our learning interventions.


Our Disruptive Leadership Masterclass is designed explicitly for C level corporate individuals in small to large organisations. This course reinforces the need to have a full-scale understanding of being extremely fluid and innovative when it comes to designing strategic and integrated approaches to engaging people within organisations to get the very best out of them.


2020 has shown that there is a need for organisations and leaders to truly change the status quo with how we work and collaborate. The New Normal has instantly required severe behavioural changes that are going to become a mainstay for the future.


With any change comes slight discomfort as moving from standardised norms to new territory, especially when it comes to culture, is always a difficult transition.


Our Disruptive Leadership Masterclass focuses on authentic leadership styles, leadership philosophies, innovation in disruptive times, behaviour modification through neurological science and pathways, and learning how to lead as a senior team in a time of flux and responding to evolving and dynamic business environments.

This masterclass is very engaging and interactive and is based on numerous case studies, self-reflection activities, and dynamic group discussion sessions explicitly focusing on the context of an organisation.


This advanced learning experience is aimed at creating a high performance for organisational leaders and intensifying the required competencies to achieve institutional and people growth.


Leaders will walk away with a mix of skills that will ultimately allow them to develop a clear sense of direction and intuitive abilities to take calculated risks that will help manage performance across their organisation.


Written by:

Nwaji Jibunoh

Head of Training