A lot of individuals spend countless hours at work than they do at home or elsewhere. A sustainable work environment makes a long day at work less stressful and more enjoyable for workers.


Organisations today do have a crucial role to play, technically they are sometimes significant contributors to global warming or environmental pollution. Still, they have substantial capabilities in the form of incentives and opportunities to design innovative ideas in reversing the damages that might affect the ecosystem.


A more sustainable and healthier workplace produces happier and motivated workers, which then eventually increases employee productivity and fewer work-related hazards, illness and mishaps that might occur in the work environment. These are fundamental to bolstering the overall revenue and reputation of the organisation.


Here are some ways we can create a sustainable work environment


1. Go Paperless:

As much as possible, always try to limit unnecessary printing. In the modern office today, you can do well to reduce the tons of paper used for printing by using 100 recycled paper products like FSC Certified paper.


2. Ditch the Plastics:

Swap your single -used plastics cups or water containers and instead bring in reusable water bottles.


3. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle:

Make sure your office environment has clearly labelled and easy to find recycling bins. Recycling is more than just putting old newspapers in a particular bin. We should all encourage ourselves to reuse things like folders, notebooks or taking notes on the reverse side of the flip chart paper. All of these can help the organisation save funds when procuring documents required for project teams.


4. Use non Toxic Cleaning Products:

Many standard organisations use harsh chemical cleaning products; these harsh chemicals can harm the office environment. Why not ask your cleaning company to switch to a more friendly cleaning environment product?


Investment in creating a sustainable working environment should be deemed as a top priority to an organisation, as this would profit the organisation more in the future. These could mean having enhanced employee productivity and a lot of natural resources in the surroundings.


Successful companies are forward thinkers, and the future of business today will be those who take workplace sustainability a top priority.


Written by:

Richard Edet

Senior Analyst