The year 2020 was a big blow to business owners and their employees, who all had to deal with change at an unusual speed. In a survey by the czars of assessment (Thomas International) during the lockdown, 30% of respondents said they were considering changing jobs post lockdown.


Unfortunately, the new business environment will continue to present change at a neck-breaking speed. It is the new normal. There will be enormous pressure on employers and employees to adapt to changing technology and business processes, shifting priorities, deadlines, and managing social isolation. There is growing conversations about employee well being in the face of the obvious need for high performance. Businesses need people to be at their best to survive the effects of the pandemic and thrive. Employees need to grow resilience to survive the times we have come to find ourselves.


Resilience is the ability to bounce back. It is how people cope and respond to hard situations. And that is a key skill that employers need to assess and develop in their employees to build high performing teams.


What must, however, not be forgotten is that resilience levels differ from one employee to the other. But you cannot tell the level of resilience of employees by simply looking at them. Our over 28 years of experience have shown that Psychometric assessments are a great tool in understanding an employee’s emotional resilience. When this is understood, a specific approach can be developed to support each team member’s productivity and performance.


The Thomas Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) helps your business understand employees’ emotions and how they approach others’ emotions in the workplace. This assessment is specially designed to give your people the edge they need to perform in today’s complex business environment. It helps you understand a person’s strengths and limitations, how they react under pressure, how well they develop new relationships and how self-motivated and adaptable they are. The TEIQue is used for several purposes, including appraisals, leadership training, work and life coaching, talent development, measuring employee morale, team building, recruitment and selection and many more.


Specifically, the Thomas International TEIQue can help measure, among other emotional  intelligence factors, the resilience level of your employees by looking at three (3) key components:


  • Perseverance:

Some team members can quickly become demotivated and disengaged in the face of turbulent situations. In contrast, others will keep up with the pressure if perseverance has been developed. With the profile generated from this assessment, you will be able to see how team members respond to pressure, anticipate their threshold for perseverance, and unlock their full potential.


  • Stress Management:

People with low-stress management capabilities are likely to become overwhelmed with new ways of working. Conducting an Emotional Intelligence assessment for your employees will give you an accurate picture of an individual’s level of adaptability, stress management, relationship management and self-motivation.


  • Uncertainty:

With neck-breaking changes impacting business environments, it is difficult to know what will happen next, and individuals respond to uncertainties in varying capacity, and those who do not deal well in such situations may quickly become frustrated and less productive. But with this assessment, you will be able to identify the employees that most comfortably accept ambiguity and those with the lowest resilience for uncertainty.


The Thomas TEIQue has been subject to rigorous scientific testing to determine its reliability and validity as a psychological assessment. It is registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS) after it was audited against the technical criteria established by the European Standing Committee on Tests and Testing, part of the European Federation of Psychologists Associations.


While change can help employees learn and develop, it is critical to assess their resilience level to provide the necessary support for the journey ahead. pcl. is in partnership with Thomas International to deploy this assessment to organisations globally. Assess the resilience level of your team today. Send an email to


Written by:

Kelvin Chiazor