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Revenue Assurance & ACL Analytics Exchange

Revenue Assurance

Phillips Consulting Revenue Assurance initiatives provide independent assurance of controls and integrity of information processed by automated and non-automated systems so that management can be confident that business is realizing full income for the services it provides. We help organizations plug unnecessary revenue leakages and maintain a steady stream of expected income. Our Revenue Assurance expertise spans the following sectors:

      • Banks
      • Telecoms
      • Power
      • Pension
      • Oil and Gas
      • Insurance
      • Government

 acl phillips consulting technology

ACL Analytics Exchange allows organizations operate functional results based on real-time data insights, helping uncover revenue leakages, control weakness or potential fraudulent activities, while improving team’s productivity and effectiveness. The ACL software features robust analytics that allows companies ensure transactional data accuracy and integrity, providing a single point into organizational data.
Our experienced ACL Consultants assist organizations in automating crucial controls, compliance and audit tests through the effective use of ACL audit software. This allows personnel focus on fundamental analysis and investigation, and resolving probable deficiencies in internal controls and critical business processes.
We help organizations in:

      • The acquisition and implementation of ACL software
      • Developing automated scripts to consolidate audit and reconciliation reviews and lessen turnaround time for audit and reconciliation tasks.

      • Defining clearly stated audit and reconciliation objectives which will be translated into ACL scripts.
      • Supporting ACL users to understand data relationships within the organization’s heterogeneous databases.


Our structured classroom training intervention equips existing and potential ACL users with skills to carry out data analysis. Participants are taken through the basic fundamentals of the software to script writing and more advanced usage of the data analytic software.             


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