The Challenge

A Northern Nigerian State government sought insights into the challenges farmers faced and how to resuscitate the agricultural sector in the State.

The Solution

pcl. was commissioned to perform an in-depth analysis of the agriculture value chain and develop a strategy to facilitate state- level interventions that will help the states execute the Agricultural Transformation Agenda (ATA). The ATA was an agenda launched by Nigerian Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

pcl. developed a roadmap for the implementation of the agenda in the state. This implementation is to be carried out through the strengthening of existing systems and agricultural practices in the selected states which involves incorporation of key agricultural value chain activities.

The Results


Our analysis and roadmap produced the Agricultural Investment Plan (AIP), which aimed to increase the per hectare profit to the smallholder farmer by 90%. The AIP outlined policies that must be put in place to foster agricultural development and realize other developmental and social objectives in the State.