The Challenge

The health foundation sought to improve the capacity of a Northern Nigerian State’s PHCDA staff to perform their duties to help the agency achieve better organisational performance.

The Solution

pcl. conducted an organisational capacity development exercise for the agency. Our proprietary matrix framework was utilized to find a logical connection between the ministry’s mandate, processes, departments and people. We deployed an appropriate Training Needs Questionnaire (TNQ) to assess competency gaps. Based on our findings, we developed a training plan that recommends courses per grade level and department. The existing organizational structure for the Agency was assessed and a transitional structure was proposed at the state, local and zonal levels.

The Results


The organizational review framework identified the critical aspects of the Agency’s mandate and objectives, as well as the processes and capabilities required to implement them. The gaps identified during this initiative were addressed by the proposed organization structure, improved processes, and the training plan. The outcomes of this assignment helped in strengthening the 5 core Organisational Health Index (OHI) practice areas which the NSPHCDA prioritized to address in the near term.