The Challenge

A leading African NGO in the health industry was looking to foster a culture of performance and institutionalize sound practices in the organization and needed expert input.

The Solution

The project execution approach was characterized by two phases. First, we conducted a detailed analysis to ascertain the existing structure and processes in place and secure relevant insights and feedback from management and staff. Our findings revealed misalignment between corporate and individual goals as well as a lack of standardization across the organization. We then developed a framework to address the problem points. To ensure a successful execution of the proposed framework, we developed a 1-year implementation plan highlighting key activities from sensitization, to initiating the process, and then to evaluation.

The Results

Based on our research and the feedback we received, we designed a best-fit employee performance management framework with a supporting policy, standardized forms, and templates. The guiding principles for the design of the framework were aimed at empowering and motivating the em