The Challenge

A Northern Nigerian government wanted to develop the state’s large-scale farming capabilities and strategically position itself as a major producer of food crops and raw materials for agro-allied industries in Nigeria.

The Solution

pcl. conducted an in-depth analysis of the rice and cassava value chains and other linkages required for sustainable development of the crops in the state. We assumed a private sector-led model in the preparation of the agricultural strategy for the state, with little intervention from the state government. We recommended treating agriculture as a business rather than a development and subsistent activity for increased efficiency. Our recommendations to increase the productivity of the State’s farmers are based on the “Cluster Farming Model”.

The Results


pcl. developed the state’s Agriculture Investment Plan (AIP), which recommended the incorporation of smallholder farmers currently engaged in significant farming activities within the state through a sustainable model with a potential of 100% increase in per hectare profit to the smallholder farmer, plus an economic empowerment of a vast majority of citizens, reduction in poverty and increase overall quality of life of majority of the state’s citizens.