The Challenge

A Nigerian Regional Development Finance Company set up to be a diversified holding entity that manages investments and operates select businesses within industries with economic and growth potentials. With the Governments of the Regional States in Nigeria as its shareholders, the Company is one of the leading conglomerates in Nigeria that provides a wide range of services.
The Company requested pcl. to develop a 5-year strategy plan to identify the various opportunities within its business value chain, funding requirements, options and milestones, which would support the management’s objective of ensuring maximum return on investment and improving the profitability of the business.

The Solution

pcl. conducted a full strategic review of the organization, benchmarked its capabilities and KPIs with other similar institutions, reviewed investment opportunities across several industries and made recommendations that included detailed quantitative analysis and forecast.
The task was delivered in a process that encompassed robust stakeholder engagement across many of the Nigerian region’s states.

The Results


We provided a strategic review and recommendations that increased profitability and provided investment options.