Forensic Lab Setup

The dependence on digital information is indispensible and with the weekly news of security breaches, the demand for post-breach study and remediation is becoming a necessity.

Cyber forensics is the application of investigation and analytical techniques to assemble and preserve evidence from a particular computing device in a manner that is appropriate for prosecution and gap remediation.

At Phillips Consulting, we help setup a standard forensic laboratory with structured processes that provide suitable mechanisms to be adopted by forensic personnel. We consider the physical, software, hardware and procedural requirements to ensure an exhaustive laboratory setup.

Our Offerings:

Facility Requirement and Setup: - To perform a detailed laboratory requirement assessment including physical, software, hardware and procedural requirements.


Facility Implementation:- To ensure an industry standard laboratory model is adopted, inclusive of the acquisition, identification, evaluation and admission phases of investigation


Facility Training: - Our professionals support you in the use of the facility, training personnel to be proficient in the use of laboratory tools and at executing investigative process.

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